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Scarpa 4-Quattro SL Womens 120 Black/Lagoon 23,0

The 4-QUATTRO SL is the light hybrid ski boot featuring a GripWalk sole, compatible with GripWalk bindings for both downhill skiing and ski touring. Sensitivity, precision and sustainability come together in the 4-QUATTRO SL to make it the perfect...
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680 €
Touring-saappaat Scarpa 4-Quattro SL Womens 120 Black/Lagoon 23,0

Scarpa 4-Quattro SL Womens 120 Black/Lagoon 23,0

680 €

Tuotekoodi: 12013-502-1-230 | ID: 1056091

Scarpa 4-Quattro SL Womens 120 Black/Lagoon 23,0

The 4-QUATTRO SL is the light hybrid ski boot featuring a GripWalk sole, compatible with GripWalk bindings for both downhill skiing and ski touring. Sensitivity, precision and sustainability come together in the 4-QUATTRO SL to make it the perfect all-day boot, both on and off piste. A flex of 120 provides the ideal balance of performance and comfort for all skiing pursuits.


  • Compact shape, with outstanding comfort
  • For downhill skiing or ski touring


  • The Alpine Axial Hybrid construction consists of a tongue and strap combination connected on the medial side of the shell, which provides a precise fit at the midfoot and ball of the foot, and accommodates a wide variety of foot types and sizes. This construction allows for the fit and precision of a classic overlap ski boot construction, while allowing easier entry into the boot, and also enables excellent transmission of impulses when turning and unparalleled control.


  • The Presa® SKI-01 sole has an ergonomic design that guarantees excellent grip when walking, and is compatible with GripWalk certified downhill or ski touring bindings.


  • The shell and cuff are made from Pebax Rnew®, produced from renewable, plant-based sources. The shell contains an over-injected carbon insert which improves the transmission of impulses to the ski, giving greater precision. The Power Strap is PVC-free, and features an integrated RECCO device for added security.



  • RECCO technology, applied by SCARPA on ski mountaineering and telemark boots, makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. First introduced in 1983, the technology was developed by Magnus Granhed with the cooperation of Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology in response to his personal experience with an avalanche tragedy. SCARPA has been the first brand to integrate the RECCO system in its boots. It has proven a very effective solution and been adopted by an extensive network of ski resorts, helicopter skiing operations, parks, and search-and-rescue organizations in Europe, Japan, North and South America. The RECCO technology enables rapid directional pinpointing of a victim’s precise location using harmonic radar. The two-part system consists of a RECCO detector used by professional rescue teams and RECCO reflectors that are integrated into apparel, helmets, protection gear, and boots. It is important to challenge yourself and push your limits, but it is as essential as being responsible, by taking some precautionary measures, able to make you feel protected, even with extreme conditions.


  • Boasting twenty years of experience, Intuition today produces hundreds of thousands boot liners for the most important brands of the world. Its products are worn by skiers, snowboarders, guides and instructors. The Intuition Liners offer the maximum standards of thermal protection and lightweight performance ensuring the highest technological standards in thermoformable liner for backcountry products. The exclusive thermoformable materials guarantee a durable comfort fit.


  • OrthoLite® provides the single most cost effective solution to enhance the comfort, performance, and long term cushioning while creating a cooler drier, healthier environment in every shoe.


  • Pebax® Rnew is produced from renewable sources with low CO2 emissions, a first step in reducing our mark on Earth. By avoiding unnecessary uses, favouring renewable sources and limiting everybody’s mark on the planet, it will be possible to form a clean environmental conscience.

Grip Walk

  • This sole by SCARPA with GripWalk system has an ergonomic design that guarantees optimal grip when walking. It complies with DIN ISO 23223 norm and is compatible with both touring and alpine ski bindings GripWalk.


  • Presa® is the ultimate result of SCARPA’s internal R&D on soles. An environment of exploration and technological innovation, where experience and scientific research merge.
  • Presa® combines Midsoles, Compounds and Design to get the most out of a sole, it is in fact the careful mix of these three elements that makes Presa® products so innovative.


  • Shell: Pebax Rnew®
  • Cuff: Pebax Rnew®
  • Tongue: Pebax®
  • Binding: Alpine GripWalk + AT + TL
  • Liner: 4Pro Flex SL

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