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La Sportiva Stellar II 90 Ice/Hibiscus 24,0

A women's boot designed for all-round ski mountaineers looking for the best mix of uphill and downhill performance as well as comfort. Ease of use, with the quick, easy and precise BOA® Fit System for fastening, makes it perfect even if you are...
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423 €
Touring-saappaat La Sportiva Stellar II 90 Ice/Hibiscus 24,0

La Sportiva Stellar II 90 Ice/Hibiscus 24,0

423 €

Tuotekoodi: 89H001402-24 | ID: 1056056

La Sportiva Stellar II 90 Ice/Hibiscus 24,0

A women's boot designed for all-round ski mountaineers looking for the best mix of uphill and downhill performance as well as comfort. Ease of use, with the quick, easy and precise BOA® Fit System for fastening, makes it perfect even if you are trying out ski mountaineering for the first time. Lightweight, range of movement and excellent walkability make it possible to traverse significant changes in altitude without straining your legs.

  • Stellar II is the boot dedicated to all-rounder female ski mountaineers looking for the best mix of ascent and descent performance as well as comfort.Ease of fitting and use make it a boot suitable for anyone starting out in ski mountaineering and looking for versatile, high-performance gear. The internal shape is anatomical for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The introduction of the BOA® fit system provides greater precision for an exceptional fit and really easy to use mechanism to put on and close the shell. The cuff range of 68° gives you maximum mobility when moving at speed and safety in every situation. While the patented ski/walk system called SWING-LOCK™ makes it really simple to move from ascent to descent modes. Solar II is a comfortable, safe boot that's fast on ascents, high-performance and progressive on descents.


Shell and Cuff

  • Pebax®-Shell™: made from bio-based Pebax® Rnew®. Ergonomic, high-performance shape. Highly durable at low temperatures and excellent flexibility.


  • Cuff in bio-based Pebax® Rnew® with an exceptional 68° range, permitting maximum mobility to move at speed and in safety in any situation. The detachable spoiler makes it possible to completely customise the angle of movement.

EZ 3D Flex Tongue™ with Boa® Fit System

  • Tongue in bio-based Pebax® Rnew® with joint between the upper and lower sections as well as overlap system to customise the fit. Offers a wide range of movement at the ankle both during steep inclines and when crossing sections of flat terrain.

2BT Tech Last™

  • Internal anatomical shaping for the perfect fit and maximum comfort. Makes it possible to achieve the best precision fit.

2BT Tech Heel™

  • Optimisation of heel space for a precise, comfortable fit.

WarmSole™ Insert

  • Removable internal insole in insulating polyurethane. Avoids direct foot's contact with the internal shell, offering improved comfort and optimal heat insulation.

Progressive Grade System™

  • Fast adjustment system for the leg angle with spoiler insert with adjustable height.

BOA® Fit System

  • Super fast and precise because it can make micrometric adjustments.

SWING-LOCK Closure System™

  • Back Ski / Walk system with pivotal rotation, ensuring optimal fastening speed and avoiding the exposure of mechanical parts to damage, weather and any other external stress.

EASY 2 WEAR System

  • Superior closure system to facilitate all fits with a single-level closure and a quick attachment / release mechanism, including a micro-metric Velcro band for small adjustments.

Power Strap

  • Additional closure band in Velcro allowing extra adjustment to the front tension.

Sole and Fitting compatibility

  • La Sportiva Grip Guard™: tread with abrasion-resistant heel and toe cap inserts and outstanding durability. Compatible with TECH fittings.




  • AGILITY AND SPEED: The BOA® Fit System enables faster, more powerful directional changes through a seamless connection between equipment and body.
  • POWER AND PRECISION: Power without compromising precision, the BOA® Fit System delivers more explosive action and unparalleled accuracy.
  • ENDURANCE AND HEALTH: Go further, faster, and stronger. The BOA® Fit System saves energy by improving circulation and efficiency.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY: Engineered with high quality, durable materials, and rigorously field tested, the BOA® Fit System is guaranteed to perform in any environment.


Unlike traditional petroleum-based polymers, Pebax® Rnew® polymers are advanced materials made from a renewable feedstock: castor beans. Pebax® Rnew® materials used in the ski boots are >65 % bio-based.

The Castor bean is truly a remarkable crop:

  • Grows on marginal soils
  • Does not cause deforestation
  • Does not compete with food
  • Captures atmospheric CO2
  • Provides stable revenues for farming families
  • Every boot powered by Pebax® Rnew® materials helps the farmers and their families sustain a better life.


  • The bio-based origin of the material does not induce any compromise on the performance. Pebax® Rnew® polymers are world leading high technology polymers, designed for high-end sports equipments.

Their unique properties include:

  • Lightness: Pebax® Rnew® polymers are typically 20 % lighter than most other plastics. This brings maximum confort.
  • Extreme toughness and shock resistance for improved durability and enhanced lifespan.
  • Sustained performance under extreme conditions, especially at cold temperatures.

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