Creative Sound Blaster Z

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Creative Sound Blaster Z

Ultra high-performance PCIe gaming sound card in bright red chassis from Z series that is an ideal all-round solution for PC gaming and entertainment needs and comes complete with the Sound Blaster Beamforming Microphone for crystal clear voice communication. Its signal to noise ratio of 116dB means the audio will be more than 99.9% pristine, which is over 35.4 times better than motherboard audio. The ultra-low latency with Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) support further allows for clear audio recordings, while the 24-bit/192kHz Stereo Direct audio output allows user to listen to the pure and unprocessed sound. The sound card is equipped with gold-plated connectors, speaker optimization technology and digital content encoding capability. The SBX Pro Studio sound technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism, including stunning 3D surround effects for speakers and headsets, while the CrystalVoice technology removes echoes, ambient noises and picks up user’s voice from within a zone (Voice Focus). The bundled beamforming microphone creates an acoustic zone and suppresses noise outside it, enabling user to be heard with amazing clarity. The multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor is designed to offload SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice effects processing from a primary CPU, improving the overall PC performance. The sound card can be connected to home theatre system through a single digital cable and transform any stereo or multi-channel streams into high fidelity immersive surround sound.

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