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Fender Full Moon Distortion

Overdrives / Distortions / Fuzzes / Boosters | Product code: 023-4537-000 | ID: 285564

Fender Full Moon Distortion

Fender Full Moon Distortion

Distortion effect pedal for electric guitar that features an all-original circuit designed by Fender’s experts and is packed with brutal, high-gain tone and ultra-flexible sound controls. It features an on-board 3-band EQ with a Low-Pass filter and a Hi-Treble control for shaping of the high end, and a switchable post-gain Boost of up to 12 dB. The Texture switch allows user to choose from symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping modes, while the Bite switch shifts the upper-midrange and harmonics to bring out the pick attack. The pedal’s chassis is made from lightweight, durable anodized aluminium features an Amp Jewel LED plus LED-backlit knobs for easy control on dark stage and a magnetically latched 9V battery door for easy battery swapping.

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