Orange Dual Dark-100 Black

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Orange Dual Dark-100 Black

High-gain two-channel all-tube 100W amplifier head that is both aggressive and flexible at the same time. With gain and master volume controls on both A and B, either channel can serve up clean, overdrive or insane levels of distortion, making the amp incredibly pliable despite its obvious Metal leanings. Channel A is a complete redesign with a voicing that reveals a fat and powerful EQ with strong open mids and a tight response. Channel B takes its roots from Orange’s much loved Dark Terror, with a lightning fast attack perfect for percussive down-tuned riffing. The intuitive Shape control affects the midrange response whilst interacting with the bass and treble. The amplifier’s 100W output section allows for even greater control over the huge level of preamp gain on offer. The bottom end punch and midrange clout is truly staggering, with distortion happening at the front end. For a different flavour, the output can be tamed from 100W down to 70W, 50W or 30W for earlier output valve clipping and saturation at reduced volume levels. The footswitchable attenuator circuit allows for control over when and how the amp distorts after the preamp stage. User can use the amp’s master volume controls to push the output stage into submission, then reduce the volume level with the attenuator, right the way down to ‘conversation’ levels. This feature can also be defeated remotely for a volume boost in a live setting. Unlike a loadbox, its design ensures the all-important relationship between the output transformer and the speaker remains intact, so even at very low volumes the amp remains springy and responsive. Finally, the amp is equipped with a highly transparent, low impedance valve buffered effects loop to take full advantage of the masses of gain available when using time-based effects. For the best possible tone and durability, the amplifier uses 8 section output transformers. The chassis-mounted switchgear is secured to a welded steel enclosure and housed in a sturdy 18mm plywood cabinet. For the purist who loves their pedals, the highly transparent effects loop is buffered by a single 12AT7/Ecc81, ensuring an all-valve signal path from input to output to take full advantage of the masses of gain available when using time-based effects. Dimensions: 550 x 270 x 240 mm. Weight: 24 kg.

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