Dream Theater Dream Theater

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Dream Theater Dream Theater


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Dream Theater Dream Theater


False Awakening Suite (2:41)
A1.i Sleep Paralysis
A1.ii Night Terrors
A1.iii Lucid Dream
A2 The Enemy Inside 6:17
A3 The Looking Glass 4:52
B1 Enigma Machine 6:01
B2 The Bigger Picture 7:40
C1 Behind The Veil 6:52
C2 Surrender To Reason 6:34
C3 Along For The Ride 4:44
       Illumination Theory (22:16)
D1.i Paradoxe De La Lumière Noire
D1.ii Live, Die, Kill
D1.iii The Embracing Circle
D1.iv The Pursuit Of Truth
D1.v Surrender, Trust & Passion

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Dream Theater


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