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Terms and conditions of the Delivery Guarantee

What is it the Delivery guarantee - Free and on time?

Our Free Delivery guarantee is a statement that we make to the market and to or customers: we will always do everything we can to offer the most advantageous shipping policy that we can. This means we will look for the best couriers and logistic technology, and also that we will offer the free shipping option always at its lowest value possible.

Free shipping is now available for orders over €199.00

In this sense, the minimum value for your orders to be entitled to Free Shipping is €199.00. It is important to mention that this is not a promotional or temporary issue: we are changing it for good and forever, so that you know that this is the standard type of service that you will have at MUZIKER.

What does it mean the guarantee of delivery on time?

It means that if we delay your delivery for any reason, we will compensate you with a discount on your next purchase. It doesn't matter if it was our fault, or if it was the courier who messed it up: if your product does not arrive on the date we promised, you will get a 2% discount for each and every working day that your delivery was delayed.

And how does it work?

When buying at MUZIKER, we inform you the estimated date of delivery. If you place the order and the delivery doesn‘t happen on the day we have promised, you are entitled to claim this guarantee.

The delivery guarantee takes into account the delivery date stated on the notification e-mail telling you that the product has just been shipped.

How to proceed if your product was delivered with delay, and you want to request a discount for your next purchase:
. access your personal account at MUZIKER;
. find the menu "Orders", where you can check all the purchases you've made at MUZIKER;
. choose the order that was delivered after the promised date;
. click on the option "Delivery on time" and fill out the form, mainly the field where you will inform us the date when the delivery was actually made. In this sense, the delivery date is to be understood as the date when the first attempt to deliver the parcel takes place.

After that, our Customer Service Center will analyse your claim and provide you with a final answer within 48 hours. If your request will have grounds, a discount coupon will be created for you, with the value of 2% discount for each day of delay. For example:
. 1 day of delay: 2% discount on the next purchase;
. 2 days of delay: 4% discount on the next purchase;
. 3 day of delay: 6% discount on the next purchase.

* The maximum discount provided will be of 10% of discount on your next purchase.

* The amount of days delayed is counted by business/working days.

What are the conditions for this guarantee to be claimed?

For you to be able to claim this guarantee, there are some basic conditions that must be fulfilled at the moment of your purchase:
. the product must be in stock;
. the product must be located at our central warehouse, and not at one of our stone shops;
. the method of payment chosen must be one of instantaneous identification, such as Credit Card or PayPal (other methods require some time for the payment to be identified. Delivery time starts to be counted after identification).

Until when can I claim this guarantee?

The period for this guarantee to be claimed is 14 days after the delivery of the product. This coupon is only valid if you do not withdraw from the contract (if you do not return the product that was not delivered on time).

Is there an expiration date for the coupons given by this guarantee?

Yes, the coupons will be valid for 6 months after the day we sent them to you.

These terms and conditions apply to the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece and Ireland only. If wish to read about terms and conditions in a different country, please visit Muziker under the country's domain and read the conditions in its native language.

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